Revival Therapeutics


  • 30 Minute Therapeutic
  • 60 Minute General Balance
  • 60 Minute Therapeutic
  • 60 Minute Prenatal
  • 90 Minute General Balance
  • 90 Minute Therapeutic
  • 90 Minute Prenatal
  • 2 Hour Therapeutic
  • Mini Cold Stone Face Massage
    15 minutes of head, neck, and face focus with cold stones. This does not add time to your session.
  • Cold Stone Face Massage
    This service adds an extra 30 minutes to your session focused on the head, neck, and face using cold stones.
  • Mini Cupping
    A mini targeted cupping treatment on an area of focus during your session.
  • Cupping
    Full body cupping treatment used throughout the duration of your session
  • Foot Treatment
  • Hand Treatment